Reviews of The Father of the Arrow is the Thought


Praise for The Father of the Arrow is the Thought


"DeWeese’s book is an artful and bewitching enterprise from cover to closure." -The Rumpus

"In his mesmerizing second collection, DeWeese (The Black Forest) pushes against the limits of the Romantic lyric and finds ways to break through." -Publishers Weekly

"Resistant to mere pronouncements of beauty and morality, The Father of the Arrow Is the Thought is a dense, hallucinatory collection of postmodern pastorals that asks what nature means in our ambivalent, consumerist age marked by ecological ruin and the loss of myth’s enchantments." - Plume Poetry

"When I read Christopher DeWeese’s second book, The Father of the Arrow is the Thought, I feel phenomenal. As in the poems are saturated with the overwhelming inevitability of nature, and the consequence of nature when you’re looking at it for so long, and I am experiencing the natural world, intricately feeling the world known by the “I” or “we” of these poems." -Fanzine

"DeWeese's acute compression of space offers unexpected layers that masterfully anachronize the self." -Diagram

"As suggested in the final long poem, “The Tide,” “it is so easy / not to articulate / what remains underneath the image,” and yet, Deweese is a master of articulating just that. There is so much more here than beautifully characterized land and seascapes, as these poems are not so much preoccupied with physiographical location so much as ownership, sacrifice, and movement." -Devil's Lake

"Deweese offers a bevy of sharply drawn landscapes" -Newpages

"The poems are speculations, revelations, as if the writer has just been born and cannot believe his good luck; and what can be felt in the screwed up world. He’s a pioneer in his own consciousness." - The Washington Independent Review of Books

"The Father of the Arrow Is the Thought illuminates the poem as a device for time travel, and for time defiance." -Scout Poetry Review